Scientific Reasoning: Strong Branding and Websites Convert

What do you think is most important to influence your site’s conversion?

I am pretty sure that several factors are currently revolving in your head. However, to me; branding is one of the factors that can influence sites conversion. Did you think about this factor too? Well, I am sure you did but might someone not aware of its importance. The observed value and the trust built via the funnel processes involve content and a reliable brand indicator that a site builds to promote itself.

The three-essential metrics related to the Hierarchy of Effects are Attitude, Awareness, and Usage. The progress of your customers starts from the awareness of the product to its initial purchase and finally to brand loyalty.

If you can construct a powerful online brand you can swiftly gain more traffic that can be converted into leads and sales. Consequently it is valuable to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce site. Site conversion optimisation is a common marketing term which encompasses establishing a website with a favourable user experience to convert a visitor to a purchaser and eventually a repeat customer.

Does brand awareness increase conversions?

Some people would definitely disagree with the point that ‘is brand awareness really important, or it is just a hype?

Well, I had carried out a study focusing on the brand awareness on two e-Commerce sites. Part of the analysis involved includes the use of the catalogue in one e-commerce site and without catalogue in another site. The huge difference revealed from this research was an indication that brand awareness is crucial to increase site converse. The site conversion rate of the website without catalogue was 0.52% whereas the site conversion rate with a catalogue was 5.95%. That is a huge difference that can help potential business owner to generate leads and sales. It is about providing valuable information to prospects and building trust with them. In this example, the catalogue acted as an additional resource which aids in creating a brand that is customer centric and offers value to customers. Brand awareness is known to increase conversions, for example if you are purchasing something online, would you choose a well-known brand that you’ve used before and was satisfied with? Or choose an unknown brand you are not familiar with? Brand awareness is like a safety net for consumers, if they have seen of used the brand before, they are more likely to be trusting and repeat buyers.

Brand awareness is a vital component of your business, however it is scientifically known that a well-built website and website design that reflects your brand is also a big part of creating conversions. See a professional for help in creating a website that is easy to use and has high quality graphics and appropriate text. Craft websites are a great platform for showcasing your business with class.

How brand influencing factors improve the site conversion?

Brand aspects such as pricing and value proposition can affect the brands ability to attract customers and acquire repeat customers compared to competitors. In contrast, knowing how to differentiate you brand as unique can help you emerge from the crowd. Indulging different brand activities is vital to both on and off site conversions.

Using brand awareness through retargeting will only capture the lost leads. Retargeting is system whereby customers who have almost bought a product are reconnected and reminded to also encourage them to close the sale.

There are multiple causes of transaction abandonment, such as readiness of the customer, price or simply not sure. It is imperative to follow up on customers who have nearly completed their purchase but have deserted their shopping cart. Since these customers are so close to purchasing, it is worthwhile reminding them to capture significant revenue. Sometimes it is valuable to offer a small incentive to push the browsing customer over the line, This could be a promotional code or free shipping to close the sale before they purchase from elsewhere. You must get your core brand positioning strategy right from the beginning, it is how you are perceived in the mind of your customers. Do you want to position as a value low-priced family brand or a mid-tier premium brand? Several aspects affect the brand positioning in a customers mind, this could be packaging, advertising, pricing, and distribution. The online channel is a significant part of brand positioning as a reputable website creates trust and conversions.

This will enable you to increase your site conversion rate through enhancing your site engagement rate leading to high revenue generation.