Science Behind the Sales Funnel

When customers buy your service or product, companies have them entered into a “Sales Funnel” or “Customer Retention Course,” where they receive regular mailings or e-mails boosting the backend products. People have studied sales funnels/customer retention avenues for years, and there’s a science to them. They all involve plenty of testing, and they take the time to execute. But once they’re fine-tuned, they produce HUGE customer lifetime value.

That life value frequently makes the time and effort necessary to establish a Customer Retention Course more than worthwhile.

There are several unique businesses who sell introductory classes that teach how to use a specific investment technique. The backend usually consists of some type of continuing subscription to a site or newsletter that offers the information required to execute the program. Then, there could be various digital content offerings available including video applications, innovative course modules, advisory services, training, or even live seminars which are available for purchase.

A Successful Client Retention Path

So to make a successful customer retention course, you will need to understand what products to offer, what order to provide them in, and what price points to use. It requires dedicated trial and error to have this knowledge, but a well-designed sales funnel can completely alter the nature of your company.

The best method found to collect sales funnel is to begin with your guide product. What’s the first thing that most people will buy from you?

Then, figure out what product or service you provide that will complement that product. Summarize another 3 or 4 or 5services or products which are congruent with the first product your customer buys from you. Then try mailing (or emailing) a sales piece out for every item or service. You will want to email them a week to ten days apart.

This will give you your first sales funnel. As soon as you apply it, it is going to take time to read the results and determine what regions of the sales funnel are working well and what areas aren’t. It might take up to six months to monitor this.

If you see that the first offer and fourth provide are functioning well, then keep mailing them. If you see that the second, third, and fifth provides are doing badly, consider replacing them with something else or try moving them to another place in the sequence.

Along with planning sequential postings to your backend sales funnel, you may even use the sequential mailing strategy for one item. By way of instance, the businesses just mentioned regularly put this in live seminars. These can be costly and might involve making a visit to another city. This requires a bit more selling for buyers to respond.

So in advance of this event, they may send out an invitation with a very long letter. Then 10 days later, they may send a postcard with a reminder that the convention is filling up quickly and if prospects do not want to overlook, they ought to call straight away. Then another week or two afterwards, they may send out a third “last chance” letter.


Sequential Mailings to “Cold Prospects”

It is possible to send sequential postings to “chilly” lists also. These are rented or bought names of individuals who do not know you personally and perhaps have not even heard of you. In cases like this, you need to get a sense of the sort of reaction you get to your initial mailing prior to sending out following mailings. If you don’t receive any response on your initial mailing, do not bother sending the remainder of the sequence. You don’t need to spend decent money on clients unlikely to follow through.

Your mailings will probably find more notice with sequential postings that change the headlines and the arrangement so people do not believe they’ve already seen the bit and understand what is in it. Even just printing a “Last Chance” stamp over the headline will help get attention. You want to attempt and get the prospect’s attention with something different in each mailing. IF you simply send the identical old sales bit, then they are less likely to react because they have already seen it before.

Never Let Up

You have to keep reaching out to your customers and best prospects, reminding them that you exist and requesting their orders. This is one of the most effective ways to expand your business and client base. Be ready to keep dipping into the well, try out new offerings and sales copywriting, and assess the response.

Your direct mail or email program is a living thing, and the achievement of your company is dependent upon how well it will. Keep it healthy and growing and you’ll enjoy a flood of orders for a long time to come.