How to Modernise Your Medical Clinic

The world today is all about being modern and consistently adjusting to societies perception of what is considered ‘the norm’. We achieve this by keeping up with trends and getting rid of things that are no longer in date. It is important to keep your medical clinic modernised to keep patients comfortable and happy and lead to their return or potentially new patients selecting your medical practise as their desired one.

So, designing a waiting room in a medical clinic can be something that is considered a daunting task. You can modernise both larger and smaller areas. Most often the waiting room is where most patients will spend most of their time when they visit your clinic so you would want to make sure you are offering a positive impression when people are visiting your clinic. Here are a few tips to add to your space to achieve a more modern and comfortable look for your patients and your employees.

Sleek and Simple

In your seating area make sure the chairs are not too bulky or large, you don’t want them to take up unnecessary amounts of room. If you have sofas and lounges in the room, It can take up space and make the room look cluttered. A good option is going with raised up chairs that are modern and give the appearance of a more open and comforting room. Metal framework is modern and sleek with a few pops of colour thrown into the mix. A lot of places will have bulky tables, old magazines and books and a TV that isn’t of the best quality for patients who are waiting and attempting to be comfortable.

Patients don’t want to feel cluttered; they don’t want to sit really close to the next patient and to watch a bad reception holding TV and outdated magazines or books. Offer a variety of seating for everyone. A quiet space for those who want to sit and think or some chairs spread around a table can be great for those who like to sit among others an chat to pass the time. Maybe consider including pamphlets on common illnesses or maybe topics more specific to your area of medicine. Pamphlets on topics around the idea of dermal fillers or maybe even stomach liposuction may be best if you run a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Style the material and furniture with the furniture that will reflect your services; If you are a practice that has cutting-edge services, then you would go for a look with clean, fresh lines with modern accents. If you are a more holistic treatment centre like a laser skin clinic, then you would be better to consider opting for neutral colours and steel materials. You need to ensure you have natural light beaming through which will create an open fresh feel. Having a dark room that is all closed up may potentially create a musty smell. Keep your designs to a minimum so you can convey to the patients all of the clinics modernity while the patterns on the material will add a little conversational tone to the approach.

Small Luxuries

Small luxuries can be important when it comes to the doctors office. By offering some complimentary items to your office you can give the feel of a modernised building and the extra effort can go a long way when it comes to the patients. Patients like to feel they aren’t just another payment in the doctors pocket or just another number in line waiting for a service. Offer complimentary coffee and tea, free-wifi, bottled water, iPads to use while you are in the waiting room. Even something like giving each patient a pen or magnet on their way out the door can have a big impact. Maybe consider offering some type of food as well, as if your medical clinic is quite busy on certain days, patients could be waiting for hours on end for service and could develop quite a strong level of hunger.

Free-wifi offers another avenue of entertainment for each patient as some may not like what is on the TV, what magazines and books are on offer or maybe just have some important work needed to get done in a short amount of time.

Simple additions like these may make your clinic feel like more than just a breast surgery clinic or dental hospital, it will make it feel homely or adjacent to different types of patients


Blank walls aren’t too exciting to look at, but you can add some modern artwork to dress the wall up. Don’t go overboard with the artwork as these days modern is considered to be much more simple and lesser. Including flowers or plants throughout a clinic may also give forth a calming naturalistic feeling for your current and potential patients.